3Dcreative Issue 81 – May 2012

3Dcreative Issue 81 – May 2012

Hello and welcome to the May issue of 3DCreative. In this month’s magazine we continue some of our great new tutorial series, so hopefully you will all have an exciting new project to get stuck into and fill you with inspiration!

You will notice that we’re lucky enough to have yet another amazing cover image, this time created by Anto Juricic. This image comes from the Maya version of our Character Modeling series focusing on the modeling of an old man’s head. This month, our two fantastic artists will be showing us how to model the features and detail onto the base model that was created in April’s issue. Rodrigue Pralier continues to walk us through the process in 3ds Max, whilst Anto covers Maya.

In the second part of our tutorial series covering FX, Particles and Dynamics, Matt Chandler and Mike Zugschwert move away from creating and animating water and turn their attention to smoke, with Matt working in 3ds Max and Mike in Maya. They don’t only show us how to set up the effects, but also demonstrate how to manipulate them to match an environment or scenario of your choice, making this a must-read tutorial!

Not two, but three new series were kick-started in last month’s issue, the third of these being Building Droids. Tarik Ali is our instructor this time around and he shows us how to use a 2D concept and technical drawing of a cool, sci-fi droid, provided by a talented 2D artist, and turn it into an accurate 3D model in 3ds Max.

As well as these second installments in our collection of new series, we also have another brilliant chapter from our Modeling Armored Beast’s series. Regular contributor to 3DCreative, Jose Alves da Silva, talks us through the process he used to create his armored rhino. Using and explaining extensive tools found in ZBrush 4R2, he unleashes his creativity with great effect and shows us how he created this stunning image.
The magazine is fit to burst with exciting tutorials this month, but the excitement doesn’t end there! We also have a great interview with the brilliant Etienne Jabbour, a fun Making Of by Riccardo Zema and a gallery containing some of the best of the current 3D artwork in the community, including work from Tiago Hoisel, Tim Jones, Oliver Pabilona and many more. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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