DAZ – Poser Xurge 3D Models Megapack

DAZ – Poser Xurge 3D Models Megapack

64 Models | DAZ/Poser | 555 Mb

If you’re looking to create your own 3D art, you’ll find the most extensive collection of 3D conten, giving you all the necessary tools to express your every desire! Complete figure 3D Design and animation. Xurge 3D Corporation has been in business for over 6 years now. Specializing in Fantasy and Sci-Fi outfits. Xurge 3D provides a wide variety of Poser products loaded with style and originality.

See full list of models under cut…

AHEV Suits Expansion
Armor of the Scrolls for M3
Armored Biological Suit for V3
Armored Hazardous Environment Suit for V3
Barbarian for V4
Battle Angel Armour for V4.1
Biosuit for M4
Corsair Outfit for Victoria 4.1
Cyber Suit for V4
Cyber Suit for V4-A4
Dark Armor for M3
Dynasty Armor for V3
EX0 Cyber Suit for V4
Expansion for V4 Cyber Suit
Fantasy Armor for Apollo Maximus
Fantasy Armor of the Scrolls Outfit for M3
Fantasy Castle Guard Armor Outfit for M3
Fantasy Dragon Lord Armor Outfit for M3
Fantasy Elf Ranger for Mike 3
Fantasy Elven Sorceress Outfit for V3
Fantasy Night Elf Priestess Outfit for V3
Fantasy Pharaoh for M3
Fantasy Rogue for Vicky 4.1
Freak Sci Fi Suit
Gothic Knight Armor for M3
H.A.I.P.S. for Mike 3
L.A.R.V.A. for M3
L.A.R.V.A. for Vicky 4.2
Legends – Julius Caesar for M3
Legends – Ramesses for Mike 3
Light Armored Nano Suit for Mike 3
Light Armored Nano Suit for V4
Lord of Darkness Armor for M4
M3 Sci Fi Suit
Nefertiti for V4.2
Paladin Armor for M4
Paladin Armor for Vicky 4
Paladin Expansion M4
Paladin Plate Armor for M3
Paladin Plate Armor for Vicky 4
Peacemaker M4
Peacemaker V4
Raider Armor for Mike 3
Raider Armor for V4.2
Rogue Outfit for M3
Sci-Fi A3
Sci-Fi Casuals for V3
Sci-Fi Street Jock for V3
Skinsuit for V4
Skull Warlord Armor for M3
Sorceress Armor for V4
Space Marine Armor for M3
Warlady Armor for V3
Warlord Armor for M3
Warlord Armor for Manitou
Warmoger Armor for M3
Warmonger for V4
Armor Gauntlets for Michael 4.zip
Armor Spaulders for Mike 4.zip
Fantasy Ranger for M4 .zip
Fantasy Ranger for V4.zip
Weapons and Harness for Fantasy Ranger for M4.zip


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http://extabit.com/file/27ay9issq6qng/DAZ – Poser Xurge 3D Models Megapack.part1.rar
http://extabit.com/file/27ay9issq6qoc/DAZ – Poser Xurge 3D Models Megapack.part2.rar


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