video2brain – Color Correction in Premiere Pro – English

video2brain – Color Correction in Premiere Pro – English

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Correction – one of those skills, which many editors put off until tomorrow – partly because they are relatively simple configuration, and partly because the controls and options are too alien. In this course, master-editor of Maxim Jago removes the veil of mystery with color correction and gives a detailed explanation of the key options, processes and best practices for color correction in Premiere Pro. After becoming acquainted with the standard tools of measurement of color and light, you will learn about the Fast Color Corrector, Three-Way Color Corrector Color Correction and other effects. You will also learn how to fix and adjust color presets, as well as how to use After Effects plugins and third parties for those things that can be done in Premiere Pro. After completing this course you will have all the necessary skills for post-processing.
What Is Color Correction and Why Do You Need It?
• Working in Higher Bit Depths in Premiere Pro
• The Reference Monitor and Color Correction Workspace

Standard Tools for Measuring and Adjusting Color and Light
• The Vectorscope
• The Waveform
• Curve Controls
• Color Wheels
• Levels

The Fast Color Corrector
• An Overview of the Fast Color Corrector
• Using the Fast Color Corrector

The Three Way Color Corrector
• An Overview of the Three Way Color Corrector
• Using the Three Way Color Corrector

Other Color Correction Effects
• The Video Limiter
• The RGB Color Corrector
• About Color Spacing

Fixing and Matching Colors with Presets
• Working with Presets
• Example 1: Keyframes
• Example 2: Gradient Maps
• Example 3: Layering Clips
• Example 4: Creating a Look with Curves
• Example 5: Highlighting Eyes

Using After Effects for Color Correction
• Why Use After Effects?
• Dynamic Link
• Using Third-Party Plug-Ins with Premiere Pro

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