cmiVFX – Nuke General Compositing Techniques

cmiVFX – Nuke General Compositing Techniques

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cmiVFX has released the brand new Nuke General Compositing Techniques by Jonathan McFall. Compositors are expected to take plates from a variety of sources, in many unconventional conditions, and marry them all together into a seamless cinematic scene. Modern film production often sources scene elements from many studios simultaneously. Compositors must be ready to handle whatever is presented and achieve a result that feels REAL. Here in this lesson Jonathan takes this challenge head on. Using elements from dozens of sources, in all manner of states, Jonathan teaches tried and true techniques to assemble and integrate them all into a single panoramic scene. With an application as powerful as The Foundry’s Nuke it is easy to get lost. Jonathan McFall guides you through this lesson on paths that he knows works in a production environment. With so many ways to choose, allow him to show you what has worked. This lecture is a fast paced riot of non-stop knowledge. It’s just going to make you better in Nuke.

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