Digital-Tutors – Particles in NUKEX

Digital-Tutors – Particles in NUKEX

Intermediate | 2h 32m | 1.15 GB | Project Files 1 MB | Required Software: NUKEX 6.3v6

In this NUKE tutorial we will learn how to use the particle system in NUKEX. Having particles directly inside our compositing package gives us an incredible new tool set for creating effects and integrating elements like never before. We will start by looking at the particle presets and how we need to work in NUKE when using particle nodes. From there we’ll begin with the particle emitter node, which is responsible for creating initial particles. After that we will learn how to control our particles with basic 3D geometry in the particle bounce node. For most of our particle movement we’ll use nodes that mimic natural forces like wind, gravity, turbulence, vortexes and drag. After we have our particles moving nicely, we can change their properties over their lifespan using the particle curve node. To gain a higher level of control, we will use conditions, regions, and particle channels to limit the effects of our various particle nodes. Finally we’ll learn how to create particles from other particles and use expressions to control our particles at the base level.

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