Matthew Archambault Tutorials Collection

Matthew Archambault Tutorials Collection

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Genre: Art, Drawing, Painting

1. Matthew Archambault - Drawing Girls An Illustration Process

This DVD is different from the “Layered Approach” DVD’s. Matt takes you through his whole illustration drawing process from start to finish in this brand new DVD. Matthew will teach you drawing techniques used for “Illustration” purposes, not life drawing.

This DVD is perfect for anyone interested in learning how to draw realistically. If you struggle with drawing realistically the information provided in this DVD will help you improve your skills. Total running time for this DVD is two hours and ten minutes. Matthew will have additional bonus video available online, early January 2008. Matthew’s easy going approach to teaching makes learning his techniques and applying them to your own work straight forward and simple.

Chapter one is titled, “Introduction”. In Chapter two Matt talks to the “Illustration Process”. The three simple items every artist must have in order to launch a career as an illustrator. Chapter three is titled “Let’s Get started on the Drawing”. Chapter four is all about “Working the Middle Tones”. Chapter five, “Balancing the Tones”. Chapter six is all about “Focusing in on Details”. Matt closes the DVD with chapter seven “Background”. In total there are eight chapters including a fifty nine image slideshow.

If you really want to draw girls realistically you cannot afford to miss out on the information packed into this DVD. Hang out with Matt and watch him draw over his shoulder offering to you eighteen years of illustration experience. This DVD works for traditional as well as digital artist. Comic Book artists too.

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2. Matthew Archambault - Drawing Tutorials Online - Cast Drawing

It’s finally here, a four disc DVD set that will teach you how to draw a traditional realistic cast. Matt has put all of his knowledge together in this one tutorial creating over seven hours of video. Work along with Matt as he methodically renders each part of this detailed drawing. This is a DVD that will really teach you how to draw with skill and confidence.

Matt is providing many extras including two downloadable PDF’s of cast photo reference to go with this DVD box set. Also included is a downloadable value scale along with multiple links to many resources used for the creation of this DVD.

This DVD is for artists who are looking for an educational DVD that leaves no part out. You see the process from start to finish. These four DVDs total over 7 hours!

This is an instructional DVD Set that encourages you to work along with the artist every step of the way. Members of DTO have been encouraging Matt to put these video tutorials onto DVDs and he has responded.

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3. Matthew Archambault - Drawing Tutorials Online - Composition

In this Drawing Tip of the Week Matt will show you how he layers objects in a landscape drawing. He also gets into how and why he blocks in tone before he renders out detail. Matt is currently in the midst of completing his Composition Through Landscape Tutorials which will will be put onto DVD.

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 4. Matthew Archambault - Drawing Tutorials Online - How To Draw Fabric A Layered Approach

Do you struggle with drawing clothing and fabric? Do you need to draw realistic unique clothing for your characters? If this sounds like you then this DVD will teach what you need to know concerning How To Draw Fabric.

Being able to draw believable clothing for your own illustrations or comic art is a must. You cannot fake it. Learn the proper techniques in this DVD that will bring your drawings up to the next level. Who can benefit from this DVD? Well just about anyone who needs to draw people with clothing on. Illustrators, Comic Book Artists, Animators and Fine Artist.

The chapters are as follows, 1. Introduction 2. Simple Fabric 3. Not So Simple Fabric 4. A Very Complicated Dress 5. The Finished Drawing 6. Closing 7. Slideshow. Matt gives to you his eighteen years worth of professional experience working as a freelance illustrator. He will take you through his layered approach thought process teaching you the secrets he has learned from rendering fabric and clothing for hundreds of book covers.

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5. Matthew Archambault - Figure Drawing A Layered Approach

Who can benefit from this DVD. Well just about anyone who needs to draw people. Illustrators, Comic Book Artists, Animators and Fine Artist. This DVD teaches you how to draw from life and from your memory.

“If you struggle drawing the figure this DVD will teach you the proper techniques to help you draw with confidence. Matt has created this two disc set that is over two and a half hours long. It also has an 82 drawing slideshow showing both demonstration drawings and Matt”s own figure drawings. ”

Each chapter demonstrates a new layer. The chapters are as follows :
1.The Rough Skeleton
2.Three Shapes
3.Containment System and Angles
4.Measure Lines and Negative Space
5.Gesture Line and Opposite C Curves
6.Planes, Cylinders and Spheres
7.Light and Shade
8.Fifty Minute

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6. Matthew Archambault - How to Draw the Hand and Foot

Do you have a hard time drawing hands? Most artists do find it difficult to draw hands and feet mainly because they have not focused on learning how to. This brand new DVD will teach you how to draw any hand or foot in any position. With a running time of two hours and seven minutes this DVD is packed with information that will help you to improve your drawing skills immediately.

Matthew will take you through his layered approach. Each chapter will teach you a new technique or “layer” that will provide you with solid tools that eliminate frustration and guesswork. This DVD is divided into two sections. The first section is all about how to draw the foot. Matthew starts with some basic key anatomy then moves on to angles, gesture, and surface planes. Matthew then shows you how to layer all of the techniques seamlessly.

The second section is all about the hand. It takes you through the same process as section one. For the illustrator, comic artist, digital artist or animator being able to draw hands and feet is a skill you must master.

Matthew ships his DVD’s globally to just about any destination. Each DVD can play both on your computer or DVD player. — Edwin Lala Mabaso “I’m in the middle of watching the “How to draw the hand…” DVD. I just raised my hand in front of me to practice what you teach in the videos and I am so impressed with my quick 10 second doodle. So wanted to tell you that you are such a great teacher and I now wish that I lived in New York so I may attend your classes.

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