Viscorbel – Sofa*3

Viscorbel – Sofa*3

Viscorbel – Sofa*3 | 3.71 GB

Creating soft 3D objects has always been a challenge in interior viz.
That’s why I’ve created this premium video tutorial that will show you how I model 3 sofa models from start to finish.

Here’s a quick break-down of what you’ll learn:

– 3 different sofas
– base modeling in 3ds max
– full UV unwrapping
– detailing in z-brush
– using displacement maps for details
– painting a custom texture
– material setup
– creating a beautiful rug
– scene modeling/materials/lighting
– rendering

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VisCorbel Sofa 3 Tutorials.part01.rar
VisCorbel Sofa 3 Tutorials.part02.rar
VisCorbel Sofa 3 Tutorials.part03.rar
VisCorbel Sofa 3 Tutorials.part04.rar
VisCorbel Sofa 3 Tutorials.part05.rar
VisCorbel Sofa 3 Tutorials.part06.rar
VisCorbel Sofa 3 Tutorials.part07.rar
VisCorbel Sofa 3 Tutorials.part08.rar
VisCorbel Sofa 3 Tutorials.part09.rar
VisCorbel Sofa 3 Tutorials.part10.rar


Mirror :-

Download VisCorbel Sofa 3 Tutorials.part01.rar from
Download VisCorbel Sofa 3 Tutorials.part02.rar from
Download VisCorbel Sofa 3 Tutorials.part03.rar from
Download VisCorbel Sofa 3 Tutorials.part04.rar from
Download VisCorbel Sofa 3 Tutorials.part05.rar from
Download VisCorbel Sofa 3 Tutorials.part06.rar from
Download VisCorbel Sofa 3 Tutorials.part07.rar from
Download VisCorbel Sofa 3 Tutorials.part08.rar from
Download VisCorbel Sofa 3 Tutorials.part09.rar from
Download VisCorbel Sofa 3 Tutorials.part10.rar from


Mirror :-






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