Digital-Tutors – Creative Development – Dinosaur Reconstruction in ZBrush

Digital-Tutors – Creative Development: Dinosaur Reconstruction in ZBrush

Run Time: 2h 5m | Release Date: September 1, 2012 | Author: Peter MInister | 1.27 GB
Required Software: ZBrush4

In this tutorial we will create a dinosaur using ZSpheres to create a base mesh, PolyPaint, and create a final render. These lessons demonstrate all of the great techniques used to create prehistoric creatures for use in illustration. While this is a speed sculpt over the period of two hours it will demonstrate a number of techniques to produce a scientifically accurate dinosaur model.

Home :– _ Reconstruction in ZBrush.part1.rar.html Reconstruction in ZBrush.part3.rar.html Reconstruction in ZBrush.part2.rar.html Reconstruction in ZBrush.part4.rar.html


Mirror :-


Mirror :- Reconstruction in ZBrush.part1.rar Reconstruction in ZBrush.part2.rar Reconstruction in ZBrush.part3.rar Reconstruction in ZBrush.part4.rar







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