Sound FX Library I

Sound FX Library I

Sound FX Library I | 55.97 GB

New sounds, lighter, better than ever. Believe what you hear with SoundFX!
More than 11,500 HD quality sounds in 170 Categories!

The Digital Juice Sound FX Library is the most comprehensive collection of audio effects ever collected together into a single package. Produced by renowned industry-veteran sound designers and distributed at 24-bit/96kHz resolutions, the artistic and technical quality is state of the art. The keyword searchable index makes the over 11,500 clips eminently usable, like no other media library anywhere else. Divided into more than 170 categories, the library goes beyond simple Foley effects and explosions with new categories that include musical logos and professional voice work.

The Digital Juice Sound FX Library is designed to give audio and video professionals the tools they need to enhance, exaggerate and create a completely immersive audio soundscape for any production.

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