Sound FX Library II

Sound FX Library II

Sound FX Library II | 50.50 GB

New sounds, lighter, better than ever. Believe what you hear with SoundFX!
More than 15,700 HD quality sounds in 220 Categories!

In late 2005 Digital Juice forced its way into the top spot in yet another area of production media by using our undeniable and unbeatable cost/value ratio model. This time it was in the sound effects space with our instantly popular Digital Juice Sound FX Library comprised of more than 11,000 sounds. Touted as the most comprehensive single package created to date, after just a few months some users felt they needed even more. So back to the studio we went. We’ve recently reemerged with the all-new Digital Juice Sound FX2 Library. This time we managed to squeeze more than 15,000 unique sounds into more than 220 categories. And in the process, we’ve created a product that’s every bit as flexible as it is affordable.

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