SpeedTree Cinema Ver 6.2.2 – Win/Mac

SpeedTree Cinema Ver 6.2.2 – Win/Mac

About SpeedTree Cinema 6

SpeedTree Cinema delivers a unique procedural + hand modeling approach that lets you create exactly the tree or plant you want, faster than ever before. Start with our large species library (all of which is yours with a Cinema license) or upload your own leaf or branch models and textures. Export as a mesh with baked-in wind animation via point cache, then bring it into your rendering package of choice.

SpeedTree Cinema is available in 32- and 64-bit versions available for Windows, and for the first time, Mac and Linux.

Home :– http://www.speedtree.com/cinema/


http://turbobit.net/k21xw8myg77q/SpeedTree Cinema v.6.2.2 – Win 32_64.rar.html


http://turbobit.net/qjbfp5gr3j2a/SpeedTree Cinema Ver6.2.2 – Mac Os X.rar.html



Mirror :-


http://extabit.com/file/29g445glfk35t/SpeedTree Cinema v.6.2.2 – Win 32_64.rar


http://extabit.com/file/29g445glfjtqp/SpeedTree Cinema Ver6.2.2 – Mac Os X.rar


SpeedTree Model Library

http://extabit.com/file/279o0jaa7a2vh/SpeedTree Model Library.rar



Mirror :-






SpeedTree Model Library






13 thoughts on “SpeedTree Cinema Ver 6.2.2 – Win/Mac

  1. While installing – do NOT change default path
    + – uncheck “Run the SpeedTree Modeler” or crack will not be applied

    Then it should work.

  2. No crashes here on win7x64 or win8x64 with nvidia card. note that installer runs, then runs another subsequent installer afterwards which is the patch. install into standard location (c:) and it works great. import/export/new files, etc

  3. holy mother cow, this is unbeliveble O_O gooood joob, many many thanks, I installed and exported with animation, thanks thanks, (I had problem with leaf animation export, but I think this is my bad 🙂 many thanks

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