VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe

VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe

Advanced | 14h 23m | 5.15 GB | Project Files 605 MB | Required Software: 3ds Max 2009 or higher + V-Ray + Photoshop

More than 14 hours long, fully narrated video. That’s how long it takes to make a high quality production work in the real world for real clients.
It’s not a super polished piece you would work on for weeks or months – that would be unrealistic to put on video. Instead it is a very good example of a production work you can produce in a couple of days.

The only little detail I used a ready-made model for is the vase with flowers – the rest is modeled from scratch and captured on video.

You get 2 scenes for a price of one! First is the classic, wood version and the second one is modern, chic, black+chrome version.
I also show you how to quickly transform the scene from one into another.


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VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part01.rar
VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part02.rar
VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part03.rar
VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part04.rar
VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part05.rar
VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part06.rar
VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part07.rar
VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part08.rar
VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part09.rar
VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part10.rar
VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part11.rar
VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part12.rar
VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part13.rar
VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part14.rar


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Download VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part01.rar from
Download VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part02.rar from
Download VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part03.rar from
Download VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part04.rar from
Download VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part05.rar from
Download VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part06.rar from
Download VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part07.rar from
Download VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part08.rar from
Download VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part09.rar from
Download VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part10.rar from
Download VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part11.rar from
Download VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part12.rar from
Download VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part13.rar from
Download VisCorbel – Kitchen Deluxe.part14.rar from


Mirror :-






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