3DCreative Issue 86 – October 2012

3DCreative Issue 86 – October 2012

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Welcome to the October issue of 3DCreative! I hope you are ready to be inspired this month, as we are fit to burst with brand new tutorial series for you to get stuck into!

Let’s get started with this issue’s stunning cover by Daniel Bystedt, which is the first installment to brand new tutorial series: ZBrush Quadrapeds. ZBrush is an impressive piece of software that can accomplish so much. With endless possibilities, your imagination is the limit. In this series our brilliant artists have been given complete creative freedom to show us how to create the organic forms of their quadrapeds, and Daniel is the first to get the ball rolling!

Talking of new tutorial series, the second one starting this month is based on the awesome 2D concept created by talented 2D artist Ling Yun. Futuristic vehicles are a popular subject matter amongst CG artists and a high proportion of the potential jobs that you can do in 3D require you to be able to create an accurate model using a 2D concept. In this series our two artists will be using the 2D concept and technical drawings provided, to talk us through a step-by-step guide to turning this information into an accurate and exciting 3D model. Arturo Garcia starts us off in 3ds Max, while Renato Gonzalez Aguilante uses Maya.

Andrew Finch continues to guide us through the Unreal Games Engine tutorial series, using programs such as 3ds Max, Photoshop and UDK to create a playable game level. Last time we saw Andrew begin finalizing the environment by placing temporary materials on the walls and floors. In this chapter he continues to finalize the environment, this time demonstrating how to place the final materials and correctly UV map them to the surface.

Unfortunately due to unforeseen artist circumstances, we are unable to bring you the last installment in the Building Droids series. However we have provided Ignacio Bazan Lazcano’s 2D concept and technical drawings, so you can still have a go at recreating this awesome bar tender droid with the techniques you have learnt in previous chapters of the series.

As a one-off this month we bring you Texturing and Lighting in Photoshop by the brilliant Aleksander Jovanovic. In this detailed tutorial Aleksander demonstrates how he used Photoshop to apply color to his un-textured render, in this diverse scene full of different colored items made from different materials to demonstrate the power and flexibility of Photoshop. Not only does he use Photoshop to resolve the textures, but he also shows how to add lighting to complete the dramatic and creepy scene. If you enjoy this tutorial, be sure to check out Photoshop for 3D Artists in the 3DTotal shop for more tutorials like this one. If all that wasn’t exciting enough, we also have an interview with talented concept artist Gregory Callahan, a thought-provoking Making Of by Francesc Camós, and our usual stunning gallery featuring work by Bruno Melo, Jorge Lopes, Mauricio Alves Salgueiro and many more!

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