Digital-Tutors – Creating Ptex Textures in MARI

Digital-Tutors – Creating Ptex Textures in MARI

Intermediate | 0h 57m | 882 MB | Required Software: MARI 1.4v3

In this tutorial we will learn about the concepts, tools and workflows for utilizing the Ptex texture mapping system inside MARI. We’ll get started with this course by taking a few moments to understand what Ptex texture mapping is and why it may be important to our production pipelines. From here, we’ll learn about topics like how to create Ptex projects in MARI, the different methods of creating resolution for Ptex project, and painting workflows for Ptex. We’ll wrap things up by learning how to import our Ptex textures into and export them out of MARI. After completing this course, you should have all the knowledge you need to begin painting your own Ptex textures inside MARI.

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Download Links:- – Creating Ptex Textures in MARI.part1.rar – Creating Ptex Textures in MARI.part2.rar – Creating Ptex Textures in MARI.part3.rar


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Mirror :- – Creating Ptex Textures in MARI.part1.rar.html – Creating Ptex Textures in MARI.part2.rar.html – Creating Ptex Textures in MARI.part3.rar.html


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