Digital-Tutors – Creating Seamless Textures for Games

Digital-Tutors – Creating Seamless Textures for Games

Intermediate | 3h 13m | 2.64 GB | Project Files 548 MB | Required Software: Photoshop CS4, 3ds Max 2012, ZBrush, Crazy Bump

In this series of tutorials we’ll be discussing the vital techniques to create perfectly seamless textures for use in games. We’ll start out by learning key concepts for taking your own photos for textures and what to watch out for when you choose the right texture for you. Then we’ll jump into Photoshop where we’ll learn some of the basic techniques for creating seamless textures. After that we’ll move into a scenario format and learn some crucial techniques to overcome each one. Then, we’ll learn how to create normal maps using the NVIDIA Normal Map Tools plugin and Crazy Bump. Finally, we’ll learn how to build our own textures from the ground up using 3ds Max, ZBrush, and Photoshop. By the end of this tutorial, you will have all of the knowledge you need to create any seamless texture you could possibly dream of.

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Download Links:- – Creating Seamless Textures for Games.part1.rar – Creating Seamless Textures for Games.part2.rar – Creating Seamless Textures for Games.part3.rar – Creating Seamless Textures for Games.part4.rar – Creating Seamless Textures for Games.part5.rar – Creating Seamless Textures for Games.part6.rar – Creating Seamless Textures for Games.part7.rar


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