Luxology NPR Kit for Modo Win/Mac

Luxology NPR Kit for Modo Win/Mac

Luxology NPR Kit for Modo Win/Mac | 657.98 MB

Non-Photorealistic Rendering Kit Produces Hand-Drawn and Traditional Looks for Architectural, Fine Art, and Technical Illustration Projects

The NPR Kit lets you easily create a range of expressive, and hand drawn looks when rendering in modo.
Non-photorealistic rendering or ‘NPR’ refers to stylized or expressive 3D rendering that suggests traditional illustration. It is useful in applications from technical illustration, where edges and important features are emphasized at the expense of detailed visual accuracy, to cartoons where simple colors and strong lines are used to convey emotion.

The NPR Kit supports the creation of a variety of familiar artistic effects in modo including ‘toon’ shading, stippling, halftones and edge rendering. The unique new SketchTone shader uses hand-sketched hatching examples to reproduce an artist’s original drawing style on any 3D surface. The NPR Kit for modo extends the range of visual styles available to modo users when rendering anything from product visualizations and technical illustrations, to anime and fine art

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