cmiVFX – Houdini Camera Projection Techniques

cmiVFX – Houdini Camera Projection Techniques

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A voice in the dark background emanates a whisper by saying softly, “They say it couldn’t be done…..” BAMM! Another HOT one for HOUDINI by …. wait for it…… CMIVFX! Where you really expecting something else? Of course not…. but enough of the chatter, let’s get down to Earth and talk about what we have for you today. One of the most efficient ways to get complex looking CG is rarely CG at all. The use of projections are used in all aspects of the Visual Effects industry. Whether its taking 2D and turning it into Stereoscopic, or simply using multiple camera projections for modeling a detailed point cloud for analysis and measurement calculations in a digital set, the world has found that using photographic camera projections are the best way to get complex looking realism into a shot with the least amount of effort. The amount of detail that goes into camera projection modeling is up to the end users requirements for a shot. In some cases, highly detailed geometry can be created using several images so that simulations can be calculated on the resulting geometry’s surface. In this brand new video from cmiVFX, you will learn from scratch, how to start using camera projections in Houdini to better enrich your projects today. Now with version 12 of Houdini, the ability to utilize the openGL view for super fast rendering of projection building has never been as useful as it is today. Find out how to make the best of projections today with our in-house Houdini Genius, VAROMIX. By the end of this ride, you will be building yourself a new and improved demo reel section in a jiffy!!

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