cmiVFX – Motion Control 3D Camera

cmiVFX – Motion Control 3D Camera

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In this video, we will study Motion Control Device camera setup and Flair files structure. We will import camera’s movements data from special devices such as a motion control camera into our 3d package, with all of its parameters, and we will export 3D camera back to the same device after modifying the motion path or even creating totally different camera movement. Then, we will create a camera Flair importer and exporter, from and to motion capture device, and we will learn more about 3D cameras properties and how to extract some of its hidden attributes.

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Download Links:- – Motion Control 3D Camera.part1.rar – Motion Control 3D Camera.part2.rar – Motion Control 3D Camera.part3.rar – Motion Control 3D Camera.part4.rar


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  2. where is links or even torrent ?
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    please VIPGFX upload it again and please i need the tutorial from cmivfx .. fusion object removal

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