CreativeLive – Photoshop Deep Dive: Blend Modes with Lesa Snider

CreativeLive – Photoshop Deep Dive: Blend Modes with Lesa Snider

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Master Photoshop’s Blend Modes! Lesa Snider is taking a Deep Dive into the various Blend Modes, and will show you everything you need to know about this versatile tool. Overlay, Darken, Color Burn… Lesa will show you the difference between each mode and which mode is most useful for your creative needs.

Topic Include

– Pre-Show Banter
– What Are Blend Modes? (Not include)
– Blend Mode Details (Not include)
– Blend Mode Applications
– More Blend Mode Applications
– Eye Brightening, Teeth Whitening
– Faux Dodge and Burn, Lightening Wrinkles
– Highlighting Hair, Glamour Glow, Reflections
– Sharpening
– Pencil Sketch and Poster Techniques
– Wrap-Up

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Download Links:- – Photoshop Deep Dive – Blend Modes.part1.rar – Photoshop Deep Dive – Blend Modes.part2.rar – Photoshop Deep Dive – Blend Modes.part3.rar – Photoshop Deep Dive – Blend Modes.part4.rar – Photoshop Deep Dive – Blend Modes.part5.rar – Photoshop Deep Dive – Blend Modes.part6.rar – Photoshop Deep Dive – Blend Modes.part7.rar


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