Digital-Tutors – Introduction to Rigging in Maya

Digital-Tutors – Introduction to Rigging in Maya

Beginner | 4h 35m | 2.96 GB | Project Files 49 MB | Required Software: Autodesk Maya 2013

In this set of tutorials we will take an introductory look into rigging tools and techniques in Maya! We’ll start by learn the basics, which include everything from how to establish solid naming conventions to how to work with Maya’s joint and IK handle tools. We’ll then cover more complicated topics like setting up an enhanced IK rig, using the Node Editor to create a counter twist rig that preserves volume, as well skin weighting techniques, and more.
We’ll also learn how Maya’s interface can be customized to work faster. By the end of the tutorial, you will be comfortable enough to utilize Maya’s rigging features to rig your own assets!

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  1. Part01 is deleted (Rapid Gator and File Factory) and all extabit links are deleted too , please reupload them .

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