Digital-Tutors – Low Polygon Texturing in MARI

Digital-Tutors – Low Polygon Texturing in MARI

Intermediate | 3h 55m | 3.42 GB | Project Files 429 MB | Required Software: MARI 1.4v3

In this MARI tutorial, we will learn about the process of texturing low poly models in MARI. We’ll get started with this tutorial by setting up our project including some selection groups that will make things easier going forward. From here we’ll dive right in and project some skin textures on our model using some reference photos. Next we will shift our attention to her armor, create diffuse, bump and specular information to match a piece of concept art. Moving on, we will learn about the process of painting in details that don’t exist in our mesh but add visual appeal to the final textures. Finally, we will wrap things up by consolidating the channels moving through our shader, bake them, and then export our maps out of MARI. After completing this tutorial, you’ll be familiar with tools and techniques that can be used in a production pipeline to texture a low poly game character in MARI.

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Mirror :- – Low Polygon Texturing in MARI.part01.rar – Low Polygon Texturing in MARI.part02.rar – Low Polygon Texturing in MARI.part03.rar – Low Polygon Texturing in MARI.part04.rar – Low Polygon Texturing in MARI.part05.rar – Low Polygon Texturing in MARI.part06.rar – Low Polygon Texturing in MARI.part07.rar – Low Polygon Texturing in MARI.part08.rar – Low Polygon Texturing in MARI.part09.rar – Low Polygon Texturing in MARI.part10.rar


Mirror :-


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