Digital-Tutors – Mesh Insert Techniques in ZBrush

Digital-Tutors – Mesh Insert Techniques in ZBrush

Run Time: 1h 20m | Release Date: October 1, 2012 | Author: Justin Marshall | 638.77 MB
Required Software: ZBrush 4R4

In this series of ZBrush tutorials, we will talk about using a variety of mesh insertion tools to quickly add detail to our models in ZBrush. Whether you’re using DynaMesh, adding appendages to a character, or placing bolts or other details on the surface of a model, the Mesh Insert brushes will be a powerful addition to your tool-set. We will start this course by talking about the basics of inserting meshes in ZBrush by looking at the default Mesh Insert brush. We’ll cover some of the brush settings and things to think about when inserting meshes. We’ll then create our own custom Mesh Insert brush that we can use whenever the need arises. We’ll talk about seamlessly blending inserted meshes with existing geometry using the new replacement functionality. We’ll also cover several different methods for integrating curves into the mesh insertion process. Finally we’ll spend some time talking about two very useful mesh insertion features. The Insert Multi Mesh Brush will allow us to keep a library of meshes to insert very quickly or cycle through as we work. The Tri-Part function will allow us to create very complex, curve based meshes from just a few pieces. In the end you’ll have a good overview of the different Insert mesh functions in ZBrush and be able to integrate those tools into your own workflow.

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