3DTotal – Vue Masterclass eBook

3DTotal – Vue Masterclass eBook

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Vue is an amazing piece of software which is widely used through many areas of the CG Industry, in fact I am sure many of you will have enjoyed a Vue environment in a blockbuster movie in the past without realizing it. As with most CG packages Vue provides another valuable outlet for your active imagination and provides a tool for creating stunning results in a short period of time. In this eBook Alex Popescu will be exploring and explaining ways to use the versatile tools in Vue to create stunning environments and back-drops. Vue is an exceptionally versatile piece of software and can meet the needs of almost any artist in any situation, for that reason Alex will be talking us through a variety of ways to use the software to get the best results. If you are interested in Vue as a piece of software, or if you are thinking of having a go at creating CG environments, this eBook is a must have!
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Chapter 01 – The Bay

In this tutorials Alex demonstrates and explains the theory behind creating an interesting and diverse environment and tackles the creation of multiple varied materials like water, sand and rock.

Chapter 02 – The Reef

Creating an underwater scene is very different to most environments, so in this tutorial Alex shows us how to set up water so it looks believable below the surface and how to create imaginary marine plant life.

Chapter 03 – The Cave

Vue provides users with the ability to make huge changes to a scene in a short space of time. In this tutorial Alex demonstrates how a scene can evolve through its development and also shows us how to create realistic rock textures.

Chapter 04 – River Valley

Due to the impressive rendering times of Vue viewing and adapting your scene is something that can be done consistently throughout the create process. In this tutorial Alex shows us how to build an epic scene while also handling the creating of divers features such as snow, a moving river and a glowing sunrise.

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Tutorial by: Alex Popescu

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