OctaneRender v1.0 Win64

OctaneRender v1.0 Win64

OctaneRender v1.0 Win64 | 63.02 MB

Octane Render is the world’s first GPU based, un-biased, physically based renderer.

What does that mean?
It uses the video card in your computer to render photorealistic results fast…really fast.
This allows the user to create stunning works in a fraction of the time of traditional CPU based renderers.

Home Page: _http://render.otoy.com/

Download Links:-

http://extabit.com/file/279opjvfy10wi/OctaneRender v1.0 Win64.rar


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Mirror :-



22 thoughts on “OctaneRender v1.0 Win64

  1. I think that can be the preferences file.
    If opened whit notepad there is various tag created at the istalletion time.
    Maybe nedd some changes ther.

  2. It works. You need to create a folder in user>AppData>Roaming>Octane render and put the file on CRACK folder inside it. Do not connect on internet when opening the app. Just click to open the application inside the Octane Folder. No need to install anything. Now only need the plugins to export everything to Octane I guess.

  3. The application works just fine, although anyone reading please note Octane needs Nvidia hardware to function which supports CUDA* and yes it is important. While this cracked application works fine, it does not support the CUDA build for GTX cards for some reason and hence the Render is not working!

    Still trying to figure out a workaround this issue, if anyone has a solution do comment please!

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