The Foundry Mari 1.5v2

The Foundry Mari 1.5v2

The Foundry Mari 1.5v2 | 133.25 MB

MARI is a production proven 3D digital paint tool designed to keep artists painting. Built from the ground up so artists can spend more time being creative and less time managing technical issues, MARI lets artists paint directly onto 3D models, view work in context and spend much less time copying files back and forth between applications.

Designed to meet the needs of even the most challenging VFX painting projects, MARI is capable of handling super high-resolution textures and millions of polygons without slowing artists down. MARI is open, scriptable and interacts well with other VFX tools and Photoshop. With a customisable UI to boot, with MARI, artists can work the way they want to work.

Making life simple, MARI fits around the artist to provide a fast and flexible workflow, where day to day technical issues are a thing of the past and artists can work in ways never thought possible before.

Mari 1.5v1 New Features:-

In under 3 minutes, this video showcases the great new features now available in MARI 1.5v1. Covering overlapping UVs, shadow support, new Photoshop ABR brush import and much more.

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