Acuities – On Aspects of Image Making – Erik Almås

Acuities – On Aspects of Image Making – Erik Almås

Acuities – On Aspects of Image Making | 3.59 GB

Designed to complement photographer Erik Almas’ lecture series on image making and career building, these tutorials reveal Erik’s evolution in building and marketing his award-winning body of work. Throughout the footage, Erik encourages you to commit to the journey of defining your own photographic voice, as well as philosophies and suggestions to stay inspired about shooting and promoting your photography.

Nearly 9 hours of footage chronicles 5 image-making case studies. Erik delves into the creative intent of an image, the necessity of planning, plus preparedness for the technical and problem solving aspects of a shoot. Erik will give you a step by step process to define your photographic voice, how to create a body of work and how to build a marketing plan. In nearly 5 hours of Photoshop tutorials, Erik will convey his complete post-production process including elemental darkroom techniques and advanced compositing.

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