CG Cookie – Photoreal car with VRay

CG Cookie – Photoreal car with VRay

All 4 parts | Required Software: 3ds max , V-Ray | 3 GB

In this video for 3ds max we’ll talk again about car rendering but this time we’ll focus on how to achieve good and realistic results using VRay rendering engine.

In Photoreal car with VRay we’ll take a look at outdoor photoreal car rendering done using Chaos Group engine. We’ll start using a Ferrari 3D model made for a tutorial on Blender Cookie website. We’ll see how to prepare it to be rendered, we’ll prepare a basic HDRI lighting rig to work with. Working on preliminary lighting and shading we’ll use the VRay RT engine able to give instant results during normal working session. In this way we’ll be able to work faster to achieve a good result. We’ll work on some of the shaders just to prepare a basic setup for car paint, glasses, tire, wheel, braking system etc etc

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Download Links:- Cookie – Photoreal car with VRay.part1.rar Cookie – Photoreal car with VRay.part2.rar Cookie – Photoreal car with VRay.part3.rar Cookie – Photoreal car with VRay.part4.rar Cookie – Photoreal car with VRay.part5.rar Cookie – Photoreal car with VRay.part6.rar Cookie – Photoreal car with VRay.part7.rar Cookie – Photoreal car with VRay.part8.rar


Mirror :-



Mirror :-


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