CG Masters – Car Modeling and Texturing

CG Masters – Car Modeling and Texturing

Software Used: Blender 2.6x | Skill Level: Intermediate | 10 hours | 4.09 GB

CG Master Christopher Plush takes you for a ride in this 10-hour training DVD teaching you how to create a 2012 Camaro ZL1 from start to finish, including modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing, and even creating a studio environment for the final render!

Experience the entire creation process and learn all the techniques you need to know to create production-quality car renders in this extensive training course. Over 30 hours have been recorded and condensed into a content packed 10-hour DVD.

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Download Links:- Masters – Car Modeling and Texturing.part01.rar Masters – Car Modeling and Texturing.part02.rar Masters – Car Modeling and Texturing.part03.rar Masters – Car Modeling and Texturing.part04.rar Masters – Car Modeling and Texturing.part05.rar Masters – Car Modeling and Texturing.part06.rar Masters – Car Modeling and Texturing.part07.rar Masters – Car Modeling and Texturing.part08.rar Masters – Car Modeling and Texturing.part09.rar Masters – Car Modeling and Texturing.part10.rar Masters – Car Modeling and Texturing.part11.rar


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3 thoughts on “CG Masters – Car Modeling and Texturing

  1. Totally awesome content! Enjoying very much. Didn’t know that car modeling is so much fun and getting some great blender methods I did’t find in other tutorials.

    I was wondering, are you guys checked the other cgmasters products? Like – ? There are not much good resource of character creation in blender(may be cgcookie have some but already love cgmasters more!), So it would be great if you guys help blender people like us. You guys rock.

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