cmiVFX – Houdini Network Relationships Vol 1

cmiVFX – Houdini Network Relationships Vol 1

Houdini Network Relationships Vol 1 | 1022.31 MB

cmiVFX has released Houdini Network Relationships Volume One. The ultimate way to work in Houdini is to use multiple contexts towards a single goal. One kind of network is okay, but with many contexts working together, the results are more artistically controllable and organic. In Houdini each context has unique characteristics that can make interoperability with other contexts challenging. As an example, have you ever hunted your office for a particular adapter? If you could just find it, then that widget would connect to that other widget. Well, if you can connect SOPs, CHOPs and POPs then you can control particles artistically / visually. You can control POPs with ramps and painted meshes. That result is nice, but now you want to use a mesh to output particles that are then converted into a volume; from solid to liquid to gas. If that were not enough, you need to have that volume interact dynamically. DOPS. This simulation could be faster, so now we employ VOPs. The dust devil is an arbitrary example, what is important are the connections between the networks. This course focuses connections between each, for custom attributes: SOPs, POPs, DOPs, CHOPSs, ROPs & VOPSs. You will experience new power within Houdini once you know how to easily draw data from any context into another.
for those new to production, also offered are standards for submission to the next department in a production environment.

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