Digital-Tutors – Lighting in CryENGINE

Digital-Tutors – Lighting in CryENGINE

Run Time: 2h 13m | Release Date: January 1, 2013 | Author: Joshua Kinney | 857.11 MB
Required Software: CryENGINE 3.4 (Build 3696)

In this series of CryENGINE tutorials we’re going to learn how to utilize lights in CryENGINE. We’ll start of by learning the basics of lighting using the Lighting tool, which allows us to change the time of day, sun position, sun direction and the length of dawn and dusk. Then we’ll jump into the Time of Day settings that will allow us to create the desired look of our environment’s lighting.

We’ll learn about all of the major parameters in the Time of Day settings and how they affect the world in CryENGINE. After that we’ll learn how to fully utilize deferred lighting and destroyable lights. Then we’ll wrap up the course by discussing five major guidelines to lighting a level.

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