Exocortex – Fury v2.30 For Maya 2010 – 2013 Win64

Exocortex – Fury v2.30 For Maya 2010 – 2013 Win64

Fury is a cutting edge GPU renderer for rapid rendering of simulation results and point clouds. Fury comes equipped with options that provide lightning fast movie quality results, with settings including luminant particles, motion blur, depth of field, illumination with volumetric shadow casting, and particle replication.

Home Page: _http://exocortex.com/plugins/fury2


Thanks to n0MAD


Download Links:-

http://extabit.com/file/279oj641qdnzz/Exocortex Fury v2.30 For MAYA_Win64.rar


Mirror :-



Mirror :-




2 thoughts on “Exocortex – Fury v2.30 For Maya 2010 – 2013 Win64

  1. dont forget the x32 (win 32) users.if there are 32 bit plugin/application versions plz don’t forget to add them too.ty

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