Luxology – Rendering in modo: Interiors

Luxology – Rendering in modo: Interiors

Beginner | 6h 59m | 3.68 GB | Project Files 287 MB | Required Software: modo 601
Video Tutorial for modo 601 by Richard Yot

The interior rendering tutorial takes a closer look at modo’s render engine. This tutorial will serve as a useful general foundation for rendering in modo and help specialists who deal with architectural interiors.

The interior rendering tutorial starts things off with a look at global illumination, portals, anti-aliasing, ray sampling, and workflow on how to approach problem solving in modo renders. Also included are four short case studies that highlight specific situations users may encounter, as well as two long project based sections specifically dealing with interiors. Since interiors are one of the most challenging situations for any render engine, users will be armed with excellent knowledge that will prove useful in any difficult situation, particularly when it comes to dealing with global illumination and tricky noise problems.

Although prior knowledge of modo is useful, these tutorials are intended as a comprehensive introduction to the subject of rendering in modo, and will benefit users of any skill level, from beginner to advanced. Adobe Photoshop CS6 is also used in the tutorial, however it is not essential to the content and users do not need to own Photoshop in order to follow along. Although the videos contain many step-by-step instructions, their primary aim is to give users the knowledge to be able to solve any problem on their own.

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Download Links:- – Rendering in modo Interiors.part01.rar – Rendering in modo Interiors.part02.rar – Rendering in modo Interiors.part03.rar – Rendering in modo Interiors.part04.rar – Rendering in modo Interiors.part05.rar – Rendering in modo Interiors.part06.rar – Rendering in modo Interiors.part07.rar – Rendering in modo Interiors.part08.rar – Rendering in modo Interiors.part09.rar – Rendering in modo Interiors.part10.rar


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