Max Cookie – Controlling fire and flames

Max Cookie – Controlling fire and flames

Max Cookie – Controlling fire and flames | 477.37 MB

In this video for 3ds max we’ll talk again about particles and fluid simulation about fire and smoke. We’ll use Particle Flow and FumeFX with different techniques to control fire behaviour.

What we’ll do

In Controlling fire and flames tutorial we’ll talk about fire and smoke, but this time we’ll see how to manage it and controlling it using different way, particles and textures. We’ll prepare a really simple room environment, and we’ll try to have fire coming from a wall hole, moving thru the floor and then creating a big fire area. We’ll prepare a PFlow setup moving over a mesh to create particles that we’ll control the FumeFX fluid emission, and we’ll add an animated gradient ramp over the ground to create a bigger flame area.

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