Phoenix FD Ver 2 for Maya 2012 – 2013 Win64

Phoenix FD Ver 2 for Maya 2012 – 2013 Win64

Phoenix FD™ for Autodesk® Maya® empowers VFX artists to simulate fire, smoke, explosions, liquids, foam and splashes, while offering exceptional flexibility and speed. It is a hybrid simulation system including grids and particles, enabling you to get the best of both worlds. Fully integrated with V-Ray, it harnesses the power of Chaos Group’s rendering engine including proper GI from the generated fluid. V-Ray RT supports all Phoenix FD fluids, including liquids with proper refraction. Phoenix FD for Maya is optimized for huge amounts of particles allowing VFX artists to work on complex simulations.


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Download Links:- FD v2 for Maya 2012 – 2013 Win64.rar


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25 thoughts on “Phoenix FD Ver 2 for Maya 2012 – 2013 Win64

  1. Hi, the simulation doesn’t run when I click the start simulation icon on the Phoenix FD shelve. Does anyone able to get it running?

      1. you should have Vray installed befor having this plug-in installed.

        and the basic way it works,is you should have a container then an object as an emitter,link these tow objects(relationship) then select the container(source) and hit start….

  2. “I will Struck upon thee with great anger and vengence”, Your sin’s will be answer. Time How long, Then FLUSHED remember.

  3. thank you so much.
    but this is a Beta Version and missing something here.

    There is NO wavelet option, NO Resimulation 🙁

  4. Sorry for a noob question.This is my 1st attempt at PhoenixFD

    I installed it but I can’t locate it in the Maya! 😀

    how can I access this plugin?

    Thanks for your awesome website

  5. Yes i also think this is a Beta Version because there is no wavelet option and no resimulation and there are some bugs like if u simulate till 100 for example then clear the cash and go back to frame 1 it skips to frame 101, also maya runs out of memory.

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