Toon Boom Harmony V10.0.1.7799 – Win64

Toon Boom Harmony V10.0.1.7799 – Win64

Toon Boom Harmony V10.0.1.7799 – Win64 | 265.00 MB

Production Proven Animation Solution

With the ever-increasing assortment of television channels and broadcast media, as well as a growing demand for local content, animation studios need to create fresh content in an evolving number of formats for satellite, cable, mobile, IPTV and the web. In that context, Toon Boom Harmony is the most advantageous solution, handling all steps from pre-production to design, animation, compositing and multi-platform rendering.

Impressive New Features

Racing Engine

Benefit from a powerful 64-bit engine, driving enhancements in speed, performance, and handling of this ground-breaking animation software.
Go Further

Take advantage of all the available memory on your system. The new engine powers the ability to go further than ever before. Render high definition projects, as well as high quality images, in 2K, 4K, 8K, and more.
Real-Time Maneuvering

Experience the advantages when handling the software directly, with both a faster user interface and interactive playback. See these improvements when working with very simple, or very complex, scenes with character rigs and deformation.

Experience the benefits of 64-bit when compositing and rendering special effects. Take advantage of the multi-thread technology and rendering improvements to export faster and more elaborate scenes. Notice the difference when exporting large bitmaps, gradients, and complex backgrounds. Output very sophisticated scenes with particles, complex effects, as well as 2D-3D integration.

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