Digital-Tutors – Creating Advanced Shapes in Illustrator

Digital-Tutors – Creating Advanced Shapes in Illustrator

Run Time: 1h 17m | Author: Eddie Russell | Required Software: Illustrator | 356.79 MB

In this collection of lessons we will focus on creating advanced shapes in Illustrator using both the pathfinder panel and shape builder tool. We’ll get started by breaking down Illustrator’s pathfinder panel and learn how we can use both it’s shape modes and pathfinders to create a variety of effects on our vector shapes. While exploring both shape modes and pathfinders, we’ll learn destructive and non-destructive workflows for using both. From there we’ll shift our focus to the new shape builder tool in Illustrator CS5 and learn how it compliments the pathfinder panel. Next, we’ll take what we’ve learned and apply it to a logo. We’ll use both sets of tools to create custom shapes to incorporate into our logo. After completing this course, you will have a good understanding of workflows that implement all of these powerful tools.

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