Digital-Tutors – Creating Ornate Logo Type in Illustrator

Digital-Tutors – Creating Ornate Logo Type in Illustrator

Run Time: 5h 17m | Author: Eddie Russell| Required Software: Illustrator | 1.85 GB

In this series of lessons we’ll focus on creating hand-rendered logo type in Illustrator. We’ll begin by learning about the steps in the design process that lead up to building our logo. These steps include getting to know our client and their project in the client briefing or interview. Gathering inspiration and saving it for later reference in the research phase. Then outputting ideas in the form of quick thumbnails and sketches during the experimentation phase. From there we’ll dive right into the execution phase where we’ll spend most of our time building a vector version of our logo. Finally, we’ll explore a couple of ways that we can add that extra bit of visual appeal to our logo before presenting it to our client.

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