Krakatoa v2.1.7.50419 for Maya – Win64

Krakatoa v2.1.7.50419 for Maya – Win64

Krakatoa for Autodesk Maya (also known as Krakatoa MY or KMY for short) is a volumetric particle rendering plugin inplemented using the C++ Interface to Thinkbox Software’s Krakatoa renderer for Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Plugin Support:-

– Maya 2011, Windows 64 bit
– Maya 2012, Windows 64 bit
– Maya 2013, Windows 64 bit

Home Page:


Thanks to “noMAD”



Download Links:- ForMAYA_2.1.7.50419_WIN64.rar


Mirror :-



Mirror :-


Mirror :-!!/XfJivC4lSZIBrV6




11 thoughts on “Krakatoa v2.1.7.50419 for Maya – Win64

  1. Hi VIPGFX,

    Thanks for the Post.


    Any chance of seeing a 3DS Max 2013 64Bit version ?

    It would be too excellent!


  2. How to get it:

    open cmd (start, search cmd) or on xp go to task manager, start new program, and type /cmd

    type ipconfig /all

    find the first place it says “physical address” and use that, minus the dashes, in the place of wherever it says 000000 right after HOST ID=. then it should work great! Hope this helps!

    1. hi
      i test that way but it’s not working
      ERROR say :
      //ERROR:krakatoeMY:ERROR :A valid rendering license could not be found.

      Please Help Me!:((

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