Peregrine Labs – Yeti v1.2.5 For Maya 2012 – 2013.5 – Win64


Peregrine Labs – Yeti v1.2.5 For Maya 2012 – 2013.5 – Win64

Yeti is Peregrine Labs product to produce fur, feathers and generating lots of things based around familiar working concepts of a procedural node graph directly within Autodesk’s Maya.



  • added console feedback when caching
  • updated logging to provide consitent output to Maya console and shell

Bugs Fixed

  • fixed renderman procedural parse error with negative frame offsets for samples
  • fixed clump issue caused by zero length input fibres
  • fixed linkage to resolve symbol clashes when rendering with MtoA

Plugin Support:-

– Maya 2012, Windows 64 bit
– Maya 2013, Windows 64 bit
– Maya 2013.5, Windows 64 bit

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Download Links:-!!/X6WJd04AAAPd4Aq


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Mirror :-



4 thoughts on “Peregrine Labs – Yeti v1.2.5 For Maya 2012 – 2013.5 – Win64

  1. hi. i get this error: // Error: (02/03 15:44) rfm Error: R16001 Cannot load procedural primitive DSO pgYetiRmsRender.dll. [ Object: pgYetiMayaShape]

    i made everything likeit was said…

  2. hey i installed Yeti and seems to work fine but can someone please tell me how to render it with vray i Copy it vray dll file as it says in the readme file but when i try to render i get the geometry only. Is there some specific node i should apply to the node network to be able to render it or the cracking is not done right. Thanks in advance.

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