SolidChamfer 2.1 For Cinema 4D

SolidChamfer 2.1 For Cinema 4D

An essential plugin created by Filip Malmberg for Cinema 4D.

In the real world, there are no perfectly sharp edges. To make your 3d models as realistic as possible, having the ability to round off corners and edges is essential. When rendered, these rounded corners pick up subtle highlights, creating a level of realism that is typically missing in the cg world of mathematically perfect edges.

”Solid chamfering” is a well known technique for controlling the sharpness of object edges when modeling with Hypernurbs. The basic idea is that to get perfect control of the sharpness of an edge, you need to add two extra control loops: one on either side of the original edge.

This modeling technique is of course possible to achieve using c4d’s native tools, but the SolidChamfer plugin makes this a 1-click operation. Just select the edges you want to chamfer and drag the mouse to get the desired chamfer radius.

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