Zaxwerks 3D Plugin’s for After Effects (2013/ENG)

Zaxwerks 3D Plugin’s for After Effects (2013/ENG)

Zaxwerks company known for its high quality programs to create special effects for products Adobe, announced the release of popular tools that allow artists to easily create incredibly complex 3D objects, logos and text. Use animated 3D flags with your images, beautiful lettering and logos, and the bright glare of the flash, reflections of objects and your film will be a professional and finished look.


3D Flag 2.0.1
3D Invigorator PRO 6.0.0
3D Layer Tools 2.0.0
3D Reflector 2.0.3
3D Serpentine 2.0.2
3D Warps 2.0.1
ProAnimator 6.0.0
The Werks Volume I 2.0.0

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Download Links:-!!/wOWX5NhPCpab0TP


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29 thoughts on “Zaxwerks 3D Plugin’s for After Effects (2013/ENG)

  1. I downloaded from Bytesbox and when I unpacked it go a bunch of errors. Plus didn’t see any fix! Any ideas?

  2. ok one last question. Do I use the System32 and SysWOW files that are in each folder as the key? I do know where they go if that is is since there is no info file with any kind of instructions. Thank you for the hel;p by the way it unpacked great with 7zip

      1. Are they all pre keyed? I have readme they say go to zaxewerks to read install but after looking in every folder and opening all readme there is nothing about if there is a key or fix. If you can send me the readme you are talking about that would be great, please..

        1. I think I got it, they must be pre keyed as I installed and seems to be working. thank you have been looking for this for some time. This site roacks!

  3. You guys really are the best. Too bad I couldn’t write the comment I originally wrote though, because the stupid filter kept telling me it contained spam-words when it didn’t. 🙁 I just wanted to tell you how awesome you are!

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