CG Cookie – Modeling a Greek Temple in Blender


CG Cookie – Modeling a Greek Temple in Blender

329 MB | Project Files 4 MB | Software used: Blender

In this two-part video tutorial you will learn how to create a Greek temple in Blender 2.6. Ben will show you how to model this temple with smart techniques that make for very fast modeling, quicker and more efficient rendering and great results.

What you’ll learn:

You will learn how to model the columns by starting with a curve circle and later converting it to a mesh.
After modeling the columns learn how to easily replicate the columns with DupliFaces, allowing Cycles to render them much faster.
Learn how to quickly replicate a single tile mesh for the roof to create the whole surface with variation in a matter of minutes.
Find out how to set up a simple lighting environment to render the scene in Cycles with a background sky

The techniques Ben shows in this tutorial can be applied to many, many other projects, enabling you to quickly created detailed structures with great variation in very little time.

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