cmiVFX – Autodesk 3DSMax Architectural Visualization Modeling

cmiVFX – Autodesk 3DSMax Architectural Visualization Modeling

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cmiVFX has released Architectural Visualization Volume One. This training series is for architects, engineers, game level designers or anyone who needs to build accurate models from either dimension drawings or sketches. Stephen Baker will take the viewer through the entire process of an architectural visualization project. Starting from scaled drawings he will begin by laying out the foundational construction lines. From there Stephen will explore advanced spline editing. A heavy focus is placed on accuracy in line construction and snapping using constraints. Once the base geometry is laid out, the series continues with organic modeling methods for the Corinthian column capitals. The project finishes with a series of chapters on various tools meant to speed up the modeling workflow. If you have a project that requires accurate modeling, then this series is for you. Upon completion you will be up to speed and highly proficient with Autodesk 3DSMax’s powerful drafting, snapping and modeling tools.

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