cmiVFX – Clarisse Deep Matte Paintings

cmiVFX – Clarisse Deep Matte Paintings

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cmiVFX has released the brand new Deep Matte Paintings in Clarisse video. Take a step into the future of rendering with the all new Isotropix Clarisse. We will create engaging and believable moving matte paintings, diving into the artwork almost in real time. The video will show you how to create layers in Photoshop, building the landscape up from the sky to the foreground. Then, we will show you some quick and easy techniques to build up dimensionality using Autodesk Maya, and some simple animation techniques will be covered. Then, all the pieces are combined in Clarisse. From there, you can render very quickly and get great looking results in record time. Chris demonstrates the power of these potentially complex tools using provided files so you can follow along.

Featuring original Matte Painting By Saizen Media then modified by Chris Maynard specifically for this project.

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Download Links:- – Clarisse Deep Matte Paintings.part1.rar – Clarisse Deep Matte Paintings.part2.rar – Clarisse Deep Matte Paintings.part3.rar – Clarisse Deep Matte Paintings.part4.rar – Clarisse Deep Matte Paintings.part5.rar


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