Digital-Tutors – 3D Texturing Overview in Photoshop

Digital-Tutors – 3D Texturing Overview in Photoshop

Beginner | 1h 3m | 315 MB | Project Files 3 MB | Software used: Photoshop CS4

In this series of lessons, we will be taking an introductory look at using the 3D capabilities of Photoshop CS4 to create textures for our 3D characters. Using Photoshop CS4 Extended, we now have the ability to paint textures directly onto our 3D mesh, allowing us to significantly streamline the texturing process. Through these lessons, we will discuss concepts such as painting textures directly onto your 3D mesh, projecting 2D details onto your geometry, painting and exporting multiple maps, as well as discussing many other texturing tools now found in Photoshop CS4. With these new features, we no longer have to jump back and fourth between multiple applications to see the result of our texturing. And with the ability to paint directly on our 3D geometry, we can create textures much faster, and with much higher precision.

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