Digital-Tutors – Advanced Stereo Workflows in After Effects: Disparity

Digital-Tutors – Advanced Stereo Workflows in After Effects: Disparity

Advanced | 1h 13m | 379 MB | Project Files 183 MB | Software used: After Effects CS4

In this series of lessons we’ll learn a technique to convert a Depth pass from a 3D application into a Disparity map. We’ll then learn how to create tools to use this map to set the zero parallax point automatically and set depth correctly on 2D layers like text. We’ll begin this project by learning about what stereo disparity maps can do inside After Effects. We’ll then learn what a stereo map is and how to covert a depth map into a stereo map. Then we’ll dive right in and learn the mathematical relationship between depth and disparity maps and learn how to offset and multiply our depth into a pixel offset value. With our disparity map created, we will be able to create a point based depth control. We’ll finish by learning how to use our disparity values to automatically update stereo offset using expressions.

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