Digital-Tutors – Introduction to Modeling in modo

Digital-Tutors – Introduction to Modeling in modo

Beginner | 5h 33m | 1.05 GB | Project Files 20 MB | Software used: modo 302 and up

Learn a time-saving workflow to automotive modeling and a multitude of modeling tools and techniques that can be used for film, games, and design. Contains 5.5 hours of project-driven training. Perfect for new and experienced artists using modo. Popular highlights include: Modeling Tools Overview; Working with Mesh Items; Copying / Pasting Geometry; Selection Methods; Beveling Polygons and Edges; Adding Edge Loops; Backdrop Images for Reference; Creating Geometry with Curves; Joining Geometry; Reusing Geometry; Modeling with Deformers; Shaping Objects with Element Move; Combining Falloffs and Transforms; Working with Symmetry; Mirroring Geometry; Extruding Geometry Along Curves; Flex Tool; Modeling with Primitives; Extruding Polygons; Adding Geometry with Edge Extend; Creating Fitted Panels; Cloning Geometry Along Curves; Adding Edges with Edge Slice; Placing Geometry with Mesh Paint; Adding Materials; Rendering with HDRI.

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    Thanks for this tutorial, there seems to be the last two videos missing any chance to upload No: 34 and 35.

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  2. Just noticed that these videos are for Modeling Automotive interiors not the Introduction to modeling in Modo..

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