Digital-Tutors – Introduction to UDK

Digital-Tutors – Introduction to UDK

Beginner | 2h 55m  | 1.18 GB | Project Files 15 MB | Software used: Unreal Development Kit

In this series of tutorials we will learn how to use the core features of the Unreal Development Kit to create a visually stunning environment. We’ll start off by learning the how to download and install UDK. Then we’ll break down the interface into manageable sections and learn how to navigate in the viewports. After that, we’ll learn how use BSP brushes to block out our level quickly. At this point, we will begin adding static meshes and materials to our level to make it really come to life. Once the level is completely built, be will take care of our exterior lighting by adding a skybox, lights and post-processing effects. Finally, we’ll add some basic functionality to the level by adding path nodes, player spawns and weapon factories. By the end of this course, you will not only have a visually stunning level, but you’ll have an incredible knowledge of the core features in UDK.

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