FXPHD – HOU102: Introduction to Houdini 12, Part 1

FXPHD – HOU102: Introduction to Houdini 12, Part 1

Beginner | 9h 34m | 1.87 GB | Project Files 25 MB | Software used: Houdini v12

If you’re a CG artist who has always been curious about Houdini, or if you are just wanting to brush up on your core skills and learn new techniques for working in Houdini 12, this is the class for you. Taught by John Moncrief, this course we will cover the fundamentals of working with Houdini. You will first learn the basic concepts and work-flow of Houdini, then work through the different contexts of the software in more detail by creating specific effects and solving real world production problems.

The majority of the concepts for this course apply to any version of Houdini, however this course will be taught using Houdini12 with special focus on the work-flow techniques and improvements available in this new version. You can work through all of this course using the free Apprentice version of Houdini available at sidefx.com.

John started working in VFX over ten years ago and has experience in Houdini, Maya, 3ds Max, After Effects, Shake, Nuke, and just about every NLE you can think of. John just wrapped up 6 months working at Side Effects Software Inc. in Santa Monica where he created a library of Houdini training courses on FLIP fluids, DOPs and VOPs for industry professionals from various studios including Blizzard, Sony Entertainment and DreamWorks. He has one insane long-haired cat, horrible allergies, and is currently pursuing his Masters of Fine Art degree in Visual Effects at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Home Page: _http://fxphd.com/fxphd/courseDetails.php?idCourse=331



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FXPHD – HOU102 Introduction to Houdini 12, Part 1.part1.rar
FXPHD – HOU102 Introduction to Houdini 12, Part 1.part2.rar
FXPHD – HOU102 Introduction to Houdini 12, Part 1.part3.rar
FXPHD – HOU102 Introduction to Houdini 12, Part 1.part4.rar
FXPHD – HOU102 Introduction to Houdini 12, Part 1.part5.rar
FXPHD – HOU102 Introduction to Houdini 12, Part 1.part6.rar
FXPHD – HOU102 Introduction to Houdini 12, Part 1.part7.rar


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