Luxology SLIK Kit for modo 601 / modo 501 / modo 401

Luxology SLIK Kit for modo 601 / modo 501 / modo 401

Luxology SLIK Kit (Studio Lighting Illumination) | 1021.77 MB

The SLIK Kit (Studio Lighting Illumination) is an extensive collection of presets, scenes, items, materials and video tutorials to help modo users light their creations. With SLIK, you are able to quickly select a studio lighting solution that mimics those found in the real-world of photography. Instantly your modo renderings will look more vivid and believable.


File with extension .exe – PC version
File with extension .pkg – MAC OS X version

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Download Links:- SLIK Kit for modo.part1.rar SLIK Kit for modo.part2.rar SLIK Kit for modo.part3.rar


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Mirror :-


Mirror :-!!/KbnlUxUJIbI70IM




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